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A Martu Student Hostel is Coming to Newman

Newman Futures is excited to welcome news that the State Government is providing $4m for a new Martu Student Hostel in Newman, with the first students due to move in in the first semester 2021.

As a collaboration project, we’re all about organisations working together to bring about positive change and opportunities for our community. Newman Futures partners, Western Desert Lands Aboriginal Corporation has been leading advocacy and planning in this space and we’re excited to announce that as a result of their hard work, increased support for Martu students will soon be available to ensure Martu students can receive quality education without having to leave home!

This funding will give Martu students from remote communities’ greater access to secondary school and vocational programs.

Western Desert Lands Aboriginal Corporation chairperson Melvin Farmer said:

“Martu children who want to further their academic studies need to be able to do that close to family and country and without having to go away to the city or other distant places. The Martu Student Hostel will allow students who want a good high school education to have that without moving away from their families. Families can stay on-country and in communities and know their children are safe and getting a good education close to home.”

The project will convert three houses to provide separate accommodation for female and male students, as well as a shared administration and meeting place.

The houses are owned by BHP and will be leased to the Western Desert Lands Aboriginal Corporation. .

The residential facility will also play an important role as part of the ‘Home in East Newman’ project that Newman Futures is currently working on with a range of other stakeholders. The revitalisation project will deliver a range of initiatives, from housing, community services, landscaping and amenities to ensure that East Newman is a safe, vibrant and inclusive place to live and grow up.

Melvin Farmer said it will be an important place of learning for these young people “to become the Martu leaders of tomorrow".