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Bike Rescue Program builds confidence in young people

Bike rescue participants with their new custom-built bikes.

The Newman Futures Bike Rescue Program last week was a recycling success!

Run by Perth based Social Enterprise Dismantle, the youth development program saw young Newman residents pull apart bikes and custom re-build them over three days. The participants learnt valuable new mechanical and social skills, team building and perseverance under the guidance of Dismantle’s bike mentors. At the end of the course, they got to take home their purpose-built bikes, along with a new helmet and bike lock.

Dismantle bike mentor Kate Clements said the Newman program was extremely successful.

“Building a bike is really challenging and requires a lot of perseverance. It was fantastic to see all ten participants complete the course, despite many of them not having much bike mechanic knowledge,” she said.

Dismantle’s Bike Rescue program is run by youth workers who help engage young people while building their knowledge, social skills, confidence and teamwork as they rebuild the bikes. The program has been delivered across regional WA, with a real positive impact on participants and the people around them.

“I get to meet some incredible young people and watch them grow over the three-day program,” Kate said.

Volunteer Kiki Tutus helps Alec Brooks (10) tighten the bolts on his bike.

Newman parent Kahu Raharuhi said she was so thrilled with how the course engaged her eleven-year-old son Qijan.

“He was so proud of himself at the end of it,” she said. “He thought it was the best school holiday program ever! He was so stoked and really loved spray painting and creating his own design on his bike. He also now knows how to fix his bike, which is great because I don’t know any of that.”

Martu Patrol worker from the Newman Women’s Shelter, Kiki Titus volunteered his time over the three days to mentor the kids.

“It was really rewarding to see the kids motivated, I would love to do it again,” he said.

“The kids were listening, following instructions, in a way they might not do in school because they were really engaged.”

We would also like to acknowledge and thank a few others for their incredible support:

Sammi Ryder and the staff from the YMCA for supporting five of the participants by registering them for the course, collecting them each morning, providing them with breakfast and shower facilities, and dropping them home each day.

The WA Police for their ongoing support of all Newman Futures initiatives, and to ESS, Kalgan’s Rest Village for donating a delicious selection of sandwiches, fresh fruit and a morning tea treat for the participants each day.

The Compass Group who generously paid for the Dismantle crew's flights and freight to and from Newman as well as their accommodation.

Kiki, who was an incredible mentor to the young people and a massive support with some of the tight bolts that needed to be undone!

And of course, to Kate and Brendan from Dismantle for sharing your knowledge and facilitating a fun and engaging three days in Newman!

The Bike Rescue Program was a great opportunity for young people in Newman to not only learn life skills and get their hands dirty, but also to build their knowledge, social skills, confidence and teamwork through various mechanical and mentoring activities.

Keep an eye on the Newman Futures Community Board and our Facebook page for upcoming initiatives we have planned for young people and the Newman community this year.

Qijan Raharuhi (11) with Dismantle bike mentors.

Joselyn Dann (10) puts a new spin on her bike.

Kyrell Dhu (11) adds the finishing touches to his bike.

Montayah Heslington (10) is proud of her new custom-built bike.