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Celebrating Maggie Lewis!

At Newman Futures, we focus on supporting a strong sense of community here in Newman. That’s why we’re incredibly proud to be celebrating Maggie Lewis – an extraordinary person who has done so much to support local families in her role as Manager of the Newman Women’s Shelter.

If you’ve been in Newman a while, you’d likely have heard of Maggie and the great work she does, but many wouldn’t recognise her in the street. With her humble nature, she does not look for accolades and avidly avoids the spotlight. But Maggie, you make the insurmountable achievable. Being a pillar of strength and support for those experiencing domestic and family violence is an incredibly demanding task. But you do it with such compassion and care, running a marathon at a sprinters pace. It’s time to shine the light on you and thank you for all you do.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working in partnership with Maggie across a variety of projects and seen so many of her passionate ideas come to life and benefit our community. Her extraordinary resilience and understanding of this place will be missed beyond belief.”
- Susan Michoff, Principal of Corporate Affairs Community WA at BHP.

For Maggie, taking on the role of Manager at the Newman Women’s Shelter was not just a job, but a gateway to a longstanding contribution to the community in Newman. She has been on virtually every committee in town and if anyone needed a treasurer, she was your go to person. Her ability to write a constitution and to maintain your books is rivalled by no-one. But most of Maggie’s extra work here involves helping those less privileged.

“Compassion and patience are the two virtues I most associate with Maggie" Shire of East Pilbara President, Lynne Craigie said. “It’s hard to imagine when the phone rings throughout the night and often more than once that anyone would have the energy and enthusiasm to go out and assist people again and again.”

"For those of us who know Maggie, it’s not just Maggie in her role at the Shelter. Maggie comes as part of duo. Maggie and Alfie, or Ralphie in some circles her beautiful rescue poodle who is by Maggie’s side more often than not. They both provide so much comfort, compassion, trust and empathy to those who may not have anyone to model these qualities. Maggie is amazing, Maggie and Alfie in tandem are a formidable team who will be sorely missed by all who know them."
- Tania Tucker, Business Development Manager at the Newman Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Thanks to Maggie, the Newman Women’s Shelter far exceeds any similar shelters throughout the State, and all who visit are familiar with it’s calming nature. Not many places have clients that don’t want to leave, but often it’s Maggie who is the reason. She provides security and comfort and goes above and beyond to help those in need of a little extra care. If you’re needing to pull a wedding together, organise food or flowers for a funeral, provide blankets or supplies for families in need, it all happens seamlessly, and it all happens because of Maggie.

"Maggie was nominated and joined East Pilbara Independence Support Incorporated (EPIS Inc.) in August 2016 as a board member and her contribution has been significant. Maggie has generously volunteered her valuable time to ensure EPIS provides a culturally appropriate service that meets the needs of our clients."
– Vicki Kershaw, CEO at EPIS.

After over twenty years, looking after Pilbara families who may be going through some of life’s toughest challenges, Maggie is finally hanging up her hat at the Newman Women’s Shelter and starting a new chapter in Perth. But from what we know about Maggie, when it comes to looking out for others, we’re sure this won’t be the end!