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Connect with others this Christmas!

The Christmas Season is here – there is no way to deny it!

We are surrounded by the decorations, lights, carols, parties and more.

For some of us this is a joyous, magical time of year, for some of us with family and friends abroad it can be lonely and for others it is a sad and tough time. No matter which category you fit into – this holiday season brings about a great opportunity to connect with and be mindful of our neighbours.

Here in Newman, the Christmas tree has been lit, there has been a Christmas Twilight movie, there are Christmas lights and has even been a pool party, but as special as these activities are, they are all the more so when you can share them with others.

StreetNet is all about connecting neighbours, and building strong relationships with others in your immediate environment.

A simple way to get connected with your neighbours is to sign up to StreetNet below, and encourage your neighbours to do so too.

You may just find that connecting with others gives this holiday season even more meaning! By looking out for each other we can make it merrier for everyone, you never know whose day you might brighten along the way.