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Country Women in Newman!

Newman local Leanne Creusot is hoping to start a Country Women’s Association (CWA) group right here in Newman. She hopes the group will bring together women of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to help combat loneliness and start some fun activities that will not only support the women involved, but the entire community!

Having moved to Newman about four years ago, Leanne found that meeting others in her community could often be challenging. “If you aren’t working or have kids, it can often be hard to meet others and get involved” she said. “So, I’m hoping there are some other women who are in similar situations who are interested to work with me on setting this up. It’s funny, my sister has been involved with the CWA ever since I was a kid, she’s even involved on their board, and I had never really thought about it until now.”

Leanne has had some great conversations with the Newman Neighbourhood Centre who have been very encouraging. “I’ve only just put out the call and have had a great response so far, more than I expected actually. I’m just really grateful to all who have supported the idea so far,” she said.

At the moment, things are in the early planning stages. Exactly what activities and projects the Newman CWA might get up to are yet to be confirmed, as Leanne is keen to meet others, find out any shared interests and “see what works for all of us”. Overall, Leanne’s vision is simply to support people coming together to meet others and do something worthwhile.

“I’ve researched other CWA groups in remote areas and a lot of them do some really great support work for the community, so it would be great to do some community projects here too.”

The Newman CWA will be open to women of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, so if you are interested in meeting others and getting involved in your community, Leanne would love to hear from you.

If you’d like to get involved, get in touch by calling Leanne on
0407 791 164 or sending her an email at