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Home in East Newman Workshop

Not your typical planning project, Home in East Newman is a project that is all about working together to ensure East Newman is a comfortable, safe and connected place to live.

Focussing on improved housing, landscaping, community service and amenity, the project team have been working closely with Martu and Nyiyaparli community members and the wider community to make this vision for East Newman a reality.

In the image above, Ryan Dunham from Hames Sharley presents the draft masterplan to the workshop at Martumili gallery.

“We have to work together and get organised because it seems to me that a barrier has been set up and we have to break that so that East Newman can come alive again. Where there’s a way, there’s a will.”

Desmond Taylor – Cultural Wellbeing Officer at PAMS

Conversations with community throughout the project showed a range of different priority areas for the project including shade, housing that is appropriate for the local climate and culture, improved safety through CCTV, lighting and housing design, connectivity and amenity for kids.

Kathleen Sorensen from Martumili talks to the importance of locally appropriate housing

Last week, Martu and Nyiyaparli leaders, BHP, Shire of East Pilbara, WDLAC, KJ, Martumili, Pilbara Development Commission, C-Res, Newman Primary School, Newman Senior High School and Soap Bush Soap all came together as part of the Masterplanning workshops to agree on the project’s first steps – with many committing to playing an active role in delivering the improvements.

Some of these items included:

  • A small basketball court and shade structure for kids
  • Repairs and new lighting
  • Public CCTV in locations identified
  • Public art reflecting local culture and history
  • Design principles for housing refurbishments, new housing, and parks

These are the first steps in a much longer project to revitalise East Newman, but the project team is excited that these changes will not only be seen quickly, but delivered by working hand in hand with community on elements such as design and location.

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