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Develop your great idea with Launchpad!

Due to popular demand Launchpad is back online. Kick-starting your idea can be difficult, but this program will support you with fast-paced, exciting and structured ways to explore your ideas!

This program is about helping you grow your current business, or a new idea - we recommend coming with an existing idea that you're wanting to work on throughout the day. The idea can be an existing business, or something that you have thought about but haven't worked on yet.

What's covered?

  • How to develop a winning idea from concept to impact
  • How to use empathy to drive growth and success
  • How to stay ahead as our world and economy is transformed by technology
  • How to efficiently and effectively pitch your ideas
  • Wrap-up and celebration, with expert mentors and investors

Have an idea?

  • Kick-starting your idea can be difficult! Plus Eight provides a fast-paced, exciting and structured way to explore your ideas
  • Opportunity to rapidly test your idea and put them into action
  • Empower yourself with all the tools needed to build a successful, scalable business

Business Owner?

  • Rapidly test a new product or service offering, quickly and before you invest significant time and financial resources
  • Learn new approaches to problem solving & product/service development
  • Get equipped with the tools top companies around the world are using to innovate and grow profits and market share


  • Learn the methodologies and processes used by top companies and innovators around the world
  • Nurture your entrepreneurial spirit, and learn how to test new ideas quickly and build strong business cases to get them implemented as an intrapreneur and driving impact within your organisation