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Meet Shanna!

Shanna Stroud is a new face at the Newman Chamber of Commerce and Industry, but she is no stranger to Newman or the Pilbara.

Shanna took up the role of Business Development Manager at NCCI in January, bringing a diversity of experience, including running her own dog grooming business from home, working fly-in, fly-out in various leadership role at Pilbara mine sites, retail jobs, and most recently the Executive Officer to the CEO at the Shire of East Pilbara.

She moved to Newman in February last year with her fiance Joel and young daughter Kempsey. Their initial thought was to give it two years and then look to move on, but after almost a year in town their thinking has changed.

“I don’t see us moving any time soon,” Shanna tells us. “Newman is a great place for young families, and the community is so welcoming. It’s easy to connect with others and convenient to get around.”

Shanna with her family.

Shanna is enthusiastic about her new role at NCCI where she replaces Tania Tucker, who has moved on after more than 20 years in Newman.

“The strength of the chamber is the support and networking opportunities it provides businesses of all sizes,” she said. “Everyone wants to be successful but it’s great to see the community investment in helping each other.”

She has plenty of ideas for the chamber, including events strategies, and establishing women’s and Indigenous networks, but first she wants to hear from members about what they would like from the group.

“I want to actively engage with all members as I am starting out to really understand what they are looking for from us,” Shanna said. “I’m sure a lot of us have the same goals and I’d like to see everyone come together to get things done.”

The idea of working together extends beyond chamber members. Shanna wants to see more coordination between the NCCI and other local organisations and community groups to make planning for events easier.

She is happy to hear from any local business people for a chat about issues that concern them and how the chamber can help. Email