Connect With Your Community

Newman Kindness

Some of you might have seen the international movement ‘the Kindness Pandemic’. The Kindness Pandemic is all about sharing small acts of kindness that you have either done or seen. Being kind to one another and sharing kind acts is really important at this time. This helps with our wellbeing during times of uncertainty.    

At Newman Futures we know that the Newman community is generous, kind and always on the lookout for one another. We would love to promote the small acts of kindness that are taking place in our own community.

If you have seen or heard any kind acts, write a post about it in the Newman Futures Stronger Together COVID-19 Facebook Group including the hashtags #StrongerTogetherCOVID19 #NewmanFutures

If you do or see something and don’t want to share it yourself just flick us an email at or send us a Facebook message and we can share it for you!