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Newman Police Support Follow the Dream's Monadelphous Mechanical Mob

Follow the Dreams Monadelphous Mechanical Mob is a program designed to help promote trades roles and related career avenues by allowing students to enhance their mechanical skills and gain hands-on experience in a fun and friendly environment. The after-school program saw a great level of success throughout 2019, however due to COVID-19 the 2020 program start date has been pushed back to later this year.

Upon return, Monadelphous volunteers and students who are part of the Follow the Dream program will get stuck into new and exciting projects, including the restoration of pushbikes, scooters and a small motorbike kindly donated by the Newman Police Station.

Senior Sergeant Jon Munday identified the opportunity after the unclaimed items were collecting dust at the Station over a long period of time, with the majority also in poor condition. The Station saw the donation as a chance to support a great community project and to provide the students with alternative opportunities to learn new mechanical skills. The intent is for the bikes to be repaired and donated back to the community going to children who don’t have the opportunity to have a bike of their own.

Tim Cubitt, Monadelphous Branch Manager in Newman, collected the bikes from the Police Station and delivered them to the Follow the Dream house, where students eagerly awaited their arrival and discussed what tools they would need for the project.

As the students were wheeling the bikes into storage, two students, due to the uniqueness of one of the bikes, identified it belonged to their school friend - the bike was reunited with its original owner, who was ecstatic and appreciative for the return of his long missing treasured possession!

Students and volunteers are looking forward to the program recommencing post COVID-19, in particular now they have the chance to showcase their trade skills on the bikes and find them deserving homes.