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Pilbara Catering: shaking up the local catering scene

Chef Tama Stevens is out to shake up the hospitality scene in Newman, one delicious meal at a time.

Tama arrived in the Pilbara three years ago, trying his hand as a forklift driver as he took a sabbatical from a successful career in the restaurant industry. But it didn’t take him long to realise that hospitality was in his blood, and he found his way back to the food business where he is focusing his infectious enthusiasm to transform what local people eat and how much they pay for it.

He has now set up Pilbara Catering and is working with his business partners to bring the freshest produce to Newman people at a reasonable price.

The business is offering full catering services for events and is also providing produce and meals direct to local customers.

Kiwi-born Tama is passionate about passing on his cooking skills and hospitality knowledge and plans to take on as many apprentices as he can.

He has worked in some of Perth’s top restaurants, including Coco’s, and has a big range of contacts in the industry and with suppliers of fresh produce and quality meat.

In the longer term, Tama hopes to open a restaurant in Newman, and who knows what else? He describes Pilbara Catering as a small branch on a big tree. Watch this space to see how it grows.

For more information about Pilbara Catering, contact them on Facebook.