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Rapid Relief Team lends a helping hand to Newman!

Have you heard of the Rapid Relief Team? They are a not-for-profit charitable community organisation whose volunteers support communities all around Australia with care and compassion in times of need. Their incredible team focus on four key areas – emergency services, youth, homelessness and disability support.

Here in Newman, their team of incredible volunteers have partnered up with Maggie Lewis from the Newman Women’s Shelter to provide meals for individuals and families in need of a little extra support through their Food Box program.

“It’s a really important program,” Rapid Relief Team volunteer Alex Sharpe said. “When you look back to the floods over in Queensland 12 months ago, or what’s been happening with the COVID pandemic, people’s situations can change so quickly, and it’s great to be able to provide that immediate support to help people get back on their feet.”

“In Newman, Maggie and her team at the Women’s Shelter do some amazing work supporting families, particularly those experiencing family and domestic violence” Alex said. “So, with her connections and networks, it just seemed like a great partnership to support families here in Newman.”

Working together, the Rapid Relief Team and the Newman Women’s Shelter will be sponsoring 50 boxes which the shelter will then distribute to families in need. They’ve also organised a further ongoing commitment of 10 boxes per month to ensure families have access to quality and healthy meals should they find themselves in times of need thanks to one of their Gold Sponsor’s Allied Pumps down in Perth.

“The food boxes are great” Maggie said. “They are not your typical cardboard box type, but really fabulous worthwhile boxes which will really ease our emergency relief funds and be hugely beneficial to our clients.”

If you are interested in getting involved, or sponsoring a food box, contact Maggie via email at or get in touch with the Rapid Relief Team on