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Remote school attendance strategy update

With several students now not attending schools due to COVID-19, the RSAS is now focusing on ensuring local families understand current health advice, and supporting students to continue learning in new ways.

RSAS Coordinator, Lee-Anne Ugle, has said it’s been great working with her team to visit families to check in on them, and provide them with information produced by the Aboriginal Health Council WA, and kindly printed by WDLAC in Newman. “We are also giving out food relief packs and soap to families at risk, due to shortage of supplies at our local supermarkets” she said.

With thanks to Rob from Woolworths, the RSAS was able to distribute loafs of bread to 17 families within the Newman community, including families in Parnpajinya.

It’s not all about food and education either. For those families without access to internet, the RSAS is working in partnership with Save the Children and the Newman Youth Centre to provide craft supplies and activities to keep them entertained at home.

If you have any ideas on how to continue to support families in this time, or want to hear more about the RSAS, contact Lee-Anne Ugle 0436 003 356.