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Some bear over the rainbow

You may have heard of the Bear Hunt Initiative that has been all over social media lately, and it’s no surprise that our spirited Newman community has so eagerly jumped on board. And it’s not just bears either – you’ll see plenty of chalk rainbows lining our pavements too.

When Reagan Spencer heard about the Bear Hunt idea she decided to spread the word through the town to see who else was interesting in joining the initiative. “During a time with so much uncertainty, we need to remember what matters most and bring our attention to our loved ones. Children’s mental health is just as important as ours – and with schools, parks, day cares starting to close down, we need to provide our kids with something to get excited about,” she explained.

While Reagan and her friend Racheal Catsicas created a Facebook page to promote the Bear Hunt Initiative in Newman, she came across the idea of a rainbow trail. “I thought to myself, what better way to bring positivity into the world right now. So, the kids and I decided to go out and draw a big rainbow on our driveway with the following words “Don’t Worry. Be Happy” – we hope others feel this way too”.      

If you want to get involved, why not paint a rainbow on your driveway or hide a teddy somewhere in your front yard? It’ll be sure to spread some cheer to those who aren’t in isolation and getting out for some exercise.

And, if you’re going out on the search for bears and rainbows, remember to adhere to physical distancing guidelines and practice good hygiene, or simply jump in your car and take a cruise around town.

Happy hunting! We are sure it’ll put a smile on your face.