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Thank You, Clive and Michelle!

This week, we’re pleased to be celebrating not one, but two, incredible people as part of our Newman Local Leaders series. Meet Clive Samson and Michelle Jackman – a husband and wife team who are doing amazing things to share their culture and support other families in town.

If you’ve lived in Newman for a while, chances are you know Clive and Michelle. As long-standing members of the community, Clive and Michelle are two kind and enthusiastic people who have a real passion for supporting others.

It’s hard to put into words just how much these two mean to the community. As proud Martu leaders, Clive and Michelle are always keen to share and promote their culture with others. Their inclusive and encouraging attitude is visible in everything they do. They are involved in several committees and boards teaching others about their culture and values and always make themselves available to talk to other leaders in the community. They are always in the know of what’s happening about town and make sure important information is accessible and communicated to families who may not have access to online communication channels.

Understanding that there are several challenges that come with living in remote communities, Clive and Michelle are role-models and mentors for many folk in Newman. You’ll often hear about them supporting others who are looking to make healthy lifestyle choices or supporting families to be carers of young people.

For Clive and Michelle, it’s all about the importance of family - building up strong people connected to their culture and supporting each other no matter what. A few months back, when the COVID-19 pandemic began to present new challenges and make connection even harder, Clive and Michelle took it in their stride and looked for new ways to support others. Working with another community member, Anita, they organised several clothing donations and other essential items to families, including those in remote communities, who may not be able to access these.

There is a common phrase ‘it’s not what you do, but how you do it.’ And that’s why Clive and Michelle are local leaders here in Newman. It’s their supportive, open, and encouraging nature that makes our community better. So, thanks Clive and Michelle, for everything you do.

If you know someone who is worth celebrating, maybe it’s a colleague, friend, grandparent or sports coach, nominate them today. All it takes is a few moments to help us celebrate the amazing people shaping our community.