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Thank You, Kelly!

Happy, healthy and ever encouraging, Kelly Panoho, is the Newman Local Leader with a passion for food, and her community!

The long-term Newman local recently returned to the Newman community, after moving down to Perth for a while. But it hasn’t taken her long to re-establish herself and find new ways to share her love of healthy lifestyles with others in Newman.

Kelly is the co-owner and one of the amazing wonder women behind Live Vibe Foods, a local food business that seeks to bring plant-based, wholesome healthy food and delicious treats to families around Newman.

“You only have to see and chat with Kelly for a moment to know she’s so passionate about leading a healthy life and encouraging others to do the same,” nominator Katie said. “She’s reimagined food, taken the stigma away and made healthy actually exciting.”

“When I was pregnant with my middle child, I was quite sick and couldn’t keep any food down. I was really struggling and feeling very tired and run down as I couldn’t eat anything… except for Kelly’s bliss balls. They were my saviour! Besides being delicious, they were pretty much the only thing I could eat – my main source of nutrition. They saved me – literally!” Katie said.

Kelly’s business provides some fantastic opportunities for people to try new things and get creative with eating. She’s worked with the local golf course to provide some great healthy vegetarian meals and is looking in to catering to big events around town. But it’s so much more than that. Kelly is always willing to have a chat, is a positive role model, and really encourages people to stay active and healthy in all aspects of their lives.

Kelly (left) with the brilliant Kahu Raharuhi, the other half of the incredible Live Vibe Foods team

For Kelly it seems, part of being healthy is staying connected. Previously working at Celebrations, everyone knew Kelly – she’d check in with you about your family and would always be the first to smile and say hello to everyone. You’d see her helping behind the bar at different community events, volunteering to raise money for the local police and help others in any way she could.

Kelly regularly supports families with advice and information about how to keep physically and mentally healthy, encourages others by sharing her story and experiences and is a rock for many other mums in town, listening and supporting them through the usual ups and downs of parenthood.

“In a small town, it’s easy to go above for others, and we’re lucky in Newman that so many people do. Everyone knows and looks out for everyone. But Kelly really does take it up a notch. She’s just the most giving person, honestly.” Katie said.

So, thank you, Kelly, for sharing your love of food with us and always being there to support others in our community. And doing it all the while as an incredible mum and supportive partner. There’s no doubt you are a local leader through and through here in Newman.

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