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Thank You, Lee!

Meet Lee Hutcheson, Cub scout leader and all-round wonder woman, it’s easy to see why she was nominated as one of our fantastic local leaders here in Newman!

Lee’s glowing nomination came from Sam, a Newman local who only arrived in town in February.

“We recently moved here to Newman and my little one got involved straight away with the Scouts after having been involved in a group down in Perth. Lee is the Cub group leader and is just so wonderful. My family loved been involved from the get go” Sam said. “Lee is really wonderful with the kids and has a natural way of earning their respect. It’s all about that two way process – Lee listening and encouraging them, and them doing the same back.”

Lee has been an integral part of the Scout group for a number of years and is always willing to go above and beyond to support families. When their previous Scout group leader finished up for the older children, Lee didn’t hesitate to help out. Not having been in that role before, she has been taking things in her stride, learning on the job and continuing to keep families and parents informed and inspired along the way.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic too, Lee did an incredible job of providing opportunities and activities for young people even though they couldn’t do things in person together. Together with fellow Scout legend, Suzy Oldham, Lee organised a range of challenges online where the kids participated in activities, some of which even earnt them their badges without them knowing! This made for a lovely surprise when they were able to come back together as a group. “If you can keep a bunch of 10-year old boys interested through a tough time like that, then you’ve got to be doing something good” Sam laughed.

With young people of her own, Lee is a wonderful role model and support person, not only for her own little ones, but for some many in the Newman community involved in the Scouts. She is someone who exudes kindness, compassion, and with her go-getter attitude, is the perfect example of what a local leader is all about. Lee loves being actively involved in the Newman community, and we are so lucky to have her. Thanks, Lee, for all that you do.

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