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Thank you Lee-Anne!

When it comes to supporting others, no job is too big or small for Lee-Anne Ugle. Working for YMCA, Lee-Anne is the Coordinator for their Remote School Attendance Strategy. She is always going above and beyond for the community here in Newman, looking for new ways to support families – and often doing it in her own time, outside of work.

The Remote School Attendance Strategy, or RSAS, is a broad and holistic program that works with families to support and encourage young people to attend school. RSAS has a strong focus on ensuring all young people have access to quality and inclusive education. In her role as Coordinator, Lee-Anne works closely alongside two other colleagues and has great relationships with a range of community leaders from school teachers, to the police and many local business owners.

Lee-Anne’s husband is a Newman local with strong connections within the community, so it hasn’t taken Lee-Anne long to build and grow her own relationships with others. Lee-Anne works closely with several families in the community, including many Martu and Nyiyaparli families, and has taken the time to build genuine and authentic connections with everyone she meets.

For Lee-Anne, being a supportive community minded person isn’t just her job. “She does so much outside of work too. Nothing ever stops her,” YMCA Day-care Director Leanne Coombes said. “At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Lee-Anne worked incredibly hard to make sure families not only had access to up to date health information and resources, but practical items like soap, and food too when the shops started to struggle to stock everything.”

Lee-Anne worked with the Aboriginal Health Council WA to get easy to understand posters out about the pandemic, and had these printed with the help and support of WDLAC. She collected soaps and even visited shops after hours to pick up food and any other items that they could donate.

Perhaps one of Lee-Anne’s greatest strengths is her ability to connect with others and find ways to work together. She’s got fantastic relationships with so many people and organisations in the community and is always excited to partner on projects, listen to others and work collaboratively for the benefit of the community.

“Lee-Anne is just beautiful,” YMCA Day-care Director Leanne said. “She has really made the program her own and is always looking for the gaps – trying to find new ways that she can help families. If anyone ever reaches out for help, Lee-Anne will be onto it. Either helping herself or connecting them with someone else who can support them.”

With her warm heart and ‘can do’ attitude, it’s no secret that Lee-Anne is a Newman Local Leader! Thanks Lee-Anne for all that you do for our community.

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