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Thank You, Nyah!

Moving to Newman only a year ago, 15 year old Nyah took the move in her stride and has already found a valued place in her community – both in her active participation with the soccer club and in her casual job at Dome. As a young leader, she’s always willing to put her hand up to help others out and give back to her community in any way she can.

With her newfound passion for soccer, it wasn’t long before Nyah got involved in the local team here in Newman. Currently, there isn’t a team for young women Nyah’s age, but Nyah hasn’t let that stop her. She’s jumped on board with the Newman Soccer Association and plays not only for the senior women’s team, but the senior men’s team too!

“She’s also heading down to Perth soon, to compete in an under 17’s boys’ game” Coach Beau said. “It is great to see the level of commitment and skills Nyah brings to the team, being one of the few girls playing, Nyah does not hesitate to take it to the men out on the field and always be there in support for her teammates.”

Not only has Nyah jumped on board as an enthusiastic soccer player, Nyah frequently volunteers at various fundraising drives including car washes, community movie nights and has also put her hand up for some upcoming fundraisers too.

Outside of school, Nyah also works casually at Dome, where she continues to develop her leadership and teamwork skills. “She’s probably one of the hardest working people who I’ve seen – and I’ve been here for two years now” Nyah’s supervisor Renee said. Nyah might just be one of the youngest people they have had on their team – joining the team when she was 14.

“I honestly can’t speak highly enough of her. Her barista skills are amazing, and she is just such a caring and helpful young woman. And she does it all with a smile on her face – always.” Renee said.

Nyah is an enthusiastic person whose bright disposition and compassion shines through all that she does. She is a wonderful example of someone who chases her dreams and passions no matter what obstacles or challenges are in her way. Nyah, you’re an inspiration and a fearless leader for your peers and we can’t wait to see what’s next for you!

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