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Youth Interview Skills for Newman Students

Youth Interview Skills Workshop enabling students to be 'job interview ready'.

The Newman Chamber of Commerce and Industry recently provided a workshop for the students at Newman Senior High School and the Graham Polly Farmer Foundation aimed at getting students 'job interview ready'.

The workshop provided students with the skills necessary to:

  • Prepare and practice effectively for a job interview
  • Control nerves
  • Think and speak off the cuff
  • Develop impromptu speaking strategies
  • Effectively use body language and behavioural based interview techniques.

Presenter Peter Dhu from Corporate Communications was pleased to have a couple of the students approach him at both Dome and Sportspower to let him know how interesting and informative the session was for them personally.

Presenter Peter Dhu practicing with students.

The Newman Chamber of Commerce and Industry also partnered with Monadelphous to provide donations of clothing for the use of students to utilise for job interviews. Many thanks to Jocelyn Volkner for her great idea and follow through, advertising and collecting clothing in Perth to be brought up to Newman. These will be available to students from Six Season Resources. Many thanks to Justin Kickett who is kindly hosing the clothing there.

This article is courtesy of the Newman Chamber of Commerce and Industry.