Starting your StreetNet

“Ready, set, go…”

1. Join StreetNet

Fill out the form to get started and confirm whether you're happy for us to pass on your contact details to your neighbours. If there's someone on your street that's already on board, we'll put you in touch to help make things a little easier.

  • Check out the Neighbourhood Map and add your street
    We're putting together an interactive map, collecting all the favourite local spots from residents in your area and documenting where each of the StreetNets are in Newman.
  • Download the “Getting Started” pack
    To help get your StreetNet off to a flying start, we've collected all our Resources & Ideas into a handy downloadable pack. Click here to download the pack now, or head over to our Resources & Ideas page for more information.

Introduce yourself to the neighbours

Print out the StreetNet Invitation Cards and StreetNet Resident Record and organise a door knock to say "hi". Don’t be shy! Have a chat and ask if they would like to be involved. Leave one of the StreetNet Invitation Cards if no one answers.

3. Organise a way to stay in touch

Whether it’s a What’sApp group chat or Facebook group, work out a way for you to stay in touch with your neighbours.

4. Suggest a street get-together.

Physically distant, and in line with the latest health advice – of course!

5. Keep in touch with your neighbours

Stay in touch with your StreetNet to make sure people are supported.

6. Decide with your neighbours what else your StreetNet can do

Check out our Resources and Ideas for a list of other things you and your neighbours can do together.